Vick Gill

Software Engineer | Tech Consultant

I develop software solutions powered by machine learning to drive innovation and deliver predictive insights.



My journey into programming began back when I was 12 years old, tinkering with creating a bot for RuneScape. I was hooked from the start, finding joy in crafting something that could level up my character while I was at school or snoozing away. This fascination never went away as I find myself today with a Master's in Software Engineering, focusing on automation and machine learning.

Outside of my graduate studies and capstone internship, I'm passionate about expanding my tech skills. Currently, I'm developing a Fantasy Basketball AI Team Analyzer, leveraging machine learning to provide personalized insights. I've also had the recent privilege to work on a sophisticated web app for "Tech Thursdays", an event sponsored by a large fintech company, and enjoy competing in hackathons, recently placing 2nd and 4th in the 2024 Nursing Hackathon and YYCHacks 2024, respectively.

While I'm not at my computer, I enjoy hiking, playing video games, watching basketball (diehard Raptors fan), and hanging out with my dogs. A fun fact about me is that I used to be the #7 ranked world and #1 ranked North American Elise player in League of Legends!


  1. 2024 — Present
    Calgary, AB

    Back-End Developer · CircleCVI

    Engineering robust MySQL Stored Functions/Procedures to ensure database integrity and consistency, vital for maintaining reliable DICOM data. Utilizing Python for scripting and automation, streamlining back-end processes and improving overall data management workflow. Playing a key role in improving the in-house tool for managing DICOM data, significantly boosting data access efficiency and meeting diverse development and testing needs.

    • Python
    • mySQL
    • React
    • Django
  2. Jun - Dec 2023
    Calgary, AB

    Systems Analyst · Zedcor

    Proactively monitored Genetec system performance, identified bottlenecks, and implemented optimization strategies to enhance system reliability and performance. Configured and programmed sensors using PHP and mySQL to enhance security measures and ensure efficient monitoring of critical areas. Increased system efficiency by ∼5% by optimizing red zones, filters, and training object analytic models.

    • Python
    • mySQL
    • PHP
  3. 2020 - 2022
    Toronto, ON

    Full-Stack Developer · Carnostic Inc.

    Assisted the team to build front-end and back-end product features from start to finish: through conception, research, implementation, and maintenance. Contributed to the development of the Android user interface utilizing Sketch to visualize the design and Java for implementation.

    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Springboot


  • Improving Nutrition for Medically Complex Children - iOS Application

    Collaborating with Alberta Health Services nurses to develop an innovative iOS application focusing on nutrition for medically complex children. Utilizing Swift, Firebase, and machine learning to create personalized feeding plans and a chatbot, earning 2nd place in a hackathon event and continuing to contribute to ongoing development.

    • Swift
    • Firebase
    • Machine Learning
    Improving Nutrition for Medically Complex Children - iOS Application
  • Tech Thursdays Web Application

    Collaborated on Neo Financial's Tech Thursdays web app, employing Azure DevOps and Scrum for efficient project management. Used Figma for design, React for front-end, and Drupal for back-end, integrating APIs for features like newsletter subscriptions. Ownership transferred to Neo Financial for maintenance.

    • Azure DevOps
    • Scrum
    • Figma
    • React
    • Drupal
    Neo Financial's Tech Thursdays Web Application
  • YYC MedMatch - Connecting Calgary Newcomers To Healthcare Providers

    Developed a multicultural healthcare app for Calgary newcomers, improving access to healthcare providers. Used React and TypeScript for a multilingual, user-friendly interface. Data dynamically scraped from official medical registrar and built a scalable backend with Python and MongoDB. Added search functions to find providers by language, specialty, and location.

    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Python
    • MongoDB
    Fantasy Basketball AI Team Analyzer
  • Autonomous Plant Disease Detection Robot

    Led the development of an autonomous "Pathfinder robot", utilizing Arduino for sensor integration and Raspberry Pi for hyperspectral camera programming to navigate through plant rows, avoid obstacles, and identify plant diseases. Engineered with temperature, humidity, and ultrasonic distance sensors, alongside Wi-Fi data transmission capabilities, securing 1st place in the university's W22 innovative engineering design competition.

    • C
    • Arduino
    • CircuitLab
    Autonomous Plant Disease Detection Robot